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Simi going to the Slough!

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Hopp Racing’s Hydro Simulator “Simmy” teams up with the Kenmore Slough Exhibition Saturday Apr 5th. The simulator will be in full operation for the day long “Gig” Cost for a “Heat” is $5.00 for about 5 minutes or longer rides for a donation. The FUN part is Last Lap were you get to crash the… Read more »

Optima batteries back with GP-17

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Shockwave Racing would also like to welcome back Optima Batteries for the 2014 racing season.Performance. It’s what you want from a battery and it doesn’t matter if you’re working, driving cross-country or just having fun. If you’re looking for pure power, look no further. OPTIMA® Batteries deliver supreme performance and reliability.

GP-17 Clevite back for 2014 season

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Shockwave Racing wants welcome back Clevite for the 2014 racing season. Clevite engine bearings have an extensive, long-standing history with racing. The Clevite product has been winning races since 1948, and is the exclusive bearing of NASCAR Performance.They offer the most extensive line of performance engine bearings in the market.

GP-19 Season results!

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Sent via Bob Wright   The Miss Everett was solid in a limited number of races.  Tom Eckenberg’s GP-19 gained a new sponsor for 2014 with F-Bomb.  The proper name is Fuel Bomb Diesel Additive out of Spokane.  Call Tom to get some, or go on line.  It works!!  Dave Warren did double duty driving… Read more »

GP-15 Season!

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Sent via Bob Wright The 2013 season for Grand Prix started at Soap Lake, and ended on Lake Chelan.  Soap Lake was a winning weekend for Jerry and his crew.  “Finish” would be the montra for the season.  Finish he did.  Thanks to wonderful sponsorship from Bill and Happy, Pumptech, Kendall Motor Oil, ARP, Taylor… Read more »

GP-55 updated

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The GP 55 crew is hard at work preparing their racer for 2014. We are venting the air traps, to remove some of the air under the boat. The boat has always been light on its feet, but in 2014 we are going to have substantially more power, so it is time to quiet the… Read more »

Hopp Racing’s Simmy

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Hopp Racing’s Simmy the hydro simulator does not take winters off. The boat is on display at the Spokane Boat Show At the Spokane Fair Grounds. Jan 31-Feb 9th 2014. TV Station KHQ Q6 did a live interview with Hopp Racing’s team members Bob Wright with Pat Riggins assisting. Come on down and “Take her… Read more »

GP-15 San Diego sponsor

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Certified Metal Craft, inc will be the GP-15′s sponsor for the San Diego race sep 13-15. CMC is a veteran owned business opened in 1969 a year after I served in the army in Vietnam. CMC specializing in brazing and heat treating.

San Diego bound-GP17

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Thanks to Ed Trihey engine #2 is repaired from CDA, loaded and ready to head to San Diego in the morning!…Go GP-17!!         Truck & hydroplane have made it to Weed, California!..Keep on Trucking, southbound & down to San Diego!!!         GP-17 Trafficade presents Silver Cloud Hotels hydroplane made… Read more »

GP-15 Bad trip

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Jerry Hopp’s bad trip as told by Glenn Raymond and Jerry Hopp. Going to CdA, Jerry was being passed by this semi. The semi’s right front tire blew out and the truck went right into Jerry’s trailer and boat, knocking the boat forward a foot (the rudder was supposed to be on the other side… Read more »