GP-20 Stats





Boat Number: GP-20



Owner:   Blown Income Racing, LLC


2015 – finished 8th in APBA GP High Points

2016 – finished 3rd in APBA GP High Points


Ed Preston, Olympia, WA

Ed Preston has always had an interest in going fast, especially in boats.  It probably comes from growing up camping with his family and watching his father, Don Preston, drive the Little Huck (136), Hot Stuff (280) which later became the Miss Heidelberg (280); and the U-Bet (blown 7 liter).  Ed bought his first 100mph flat bottom boat at the age of 16 running it up and down the Puget Sound for fun!  He then built a pickle fork jet boat, again for fun!

At the end of his teen years he turned to racing his own rally car as an amateur for 3 years and then on the professional circuit for another 3 years pitting his “homemade” car against factory teams several times cracking the top 10!

After the rally cars he turned back to the water selling yachts for his family and being hired out as a skipper transporting million dollar yachts up and down the coast from southern California to Alaska.  He then transitioned into repairing boats and years later spent four plus years working with Ron Jones, JR where he built the GP-17 and GP-20 among other watercraft.  He is now back doing work in the composite field where he owns and operates Black Lake Fiberglass, a high-end fiberglass/composite fabrication shop in Olympia, Washington.

Starting in 2015 he began his Rookie year and realized his childhood dream of driving a hydroplane, even more amazing, one that he built! He drove the boat again in 2016 finishing 3rd in the APBA GP High Points.  Where will 2017 end up?  Stay tuned!!

Crew Chief/Engine Builder & Tuner: 

Earl Smith, Olympia, WA

Earl Smith has a strong background in high performance big block methanol engines.  He started in 1995 as the crew chief for the Top Alcohol Flat Bottom drag boat, the Nightmare, and continued in that capacity until it stopped racing in 2012.  The Nightmare still owns the Lucas Oil speed record for that class.  He also was the tuner for the GP-17 Shockwave Racing in 2010 when it set the 1-1/4 mile 5 lap UIM World speed record.

Earl currently owns and operates West Coast Mobile Equipment Repair located out of Shelton, Washington.

Crew Members: 

Don Preston, JR – Truck driver, cockpit control, life support specialist

Randy Corcoran – Propellor specialist, fire system specialist, general ground support

Paul Steidl – Fuel specialist and logistical support

Mike Langford – Engine specialist, technology specialist, and media specialist

Bobble “Ed” – photo hound!

Boat Stats:

Homeport: Olympia, WA

Year Finished: 2015

Length: 25’ 6″

Width: 12’ 6″

Weight: 3260 lbs

Engine Builder: Earl Smith

Horsepower: 1500

Top speed:  170+

Media Contact:

Larry D. Linn

Phone:  360-280-2468


Facebook:  GP-20 Blown Income Racing

Sponsors:   Accepting applicants!!