Encouraging words from our new CEO


Some commentary from new GPW CEO Sam Cole regarding the upcoming changes as we try to build the series:

In professional motorsports there are many different categories of racing- NASCAR, NHRA, Indy Car, TransAm, Off Road, etc. Each is a different “product” and marketed accordingly, attracting different segments of the marketplace and using different venues. GPW is seeking to develop its own identity, find unique venues that suits its appeal and attract fans that relate to its automotive power; In powerboat racing there are distinct differences between professional Offshore, unlimiteds, tunnel boats, drag boats etc.- Our goal is to have GPW emerge as the hi-performance, automotive brand of boat racing in the United States;

It has been eye-opening for me, seeing what each team does to survive- racing for free, limited “prize money” and traveling hundreds and thousands of miles to race your equipment. If we can change the culture and help offset the financial burdens we will have accomplished what we have set out to do; I have been amazed at the costs and the little return for what you risk each time you race;

In no way are we competing against any other category for venues and/or money; we want to bring the best we have to wherever we race; like an airshow- we are a different type of plane or “act”; our role is to be professional, relate to the fans who pay to see us and put on the best competition as possible;

We are taking this step-by-step; embarking upon a three-year course of developing our brand and product- packaging it into new and existing venues that help drive revenue, enhance our professionalism and perhaps perpetuate power boat racing for generations to come; we need to reinvent what we have to take it forward;

Just do not want anyone to think anything else. The future is bright, there is room for everyone to flourish and we are taking the steps to help improve our organization and category and hopefully help others along the way.